Restaurant Style Dining

Local, Fresh, Seasonal ingredients

​The dining experience at Spruce Point Assisted Living is one that not only provides nourishment, but also a sense of personal fulfillment. By incorporating locally farmed produce whenever possible and fresh seasonal ingredients into each menu item, residents enjoy a home-style level of dining that isn’t typical to this setting with as many made-from-scratch entrees as possible. We understand that food is so much more than sustenance, and because of that knowledge, we want our residents to wholly enjoy each meal.

Our dietary team has crafted a menu that is always robust and full of nutrition, and one that is accommodating to any food restrictions our residents have due to diet, allergy, religious, or personal preference.

We view this as your home and, as such, you deserve the quality, taste, and presentation that you would expect from your very own kitchen. While our meals are served at regularly scheduled times, residents can request snacks from the kitchen at any time – because, sometimes, there’s just nothing better than an ice-cold glass of milk and a cookie before bedtime!

Our dietary team takes this responsibility very seriously. We look forward to feeding you!

Sample Menu

Sample Menu

Spruce Point Restaurant Style Dining